Dr. Suzanne Barakat receives "Uniter" award from President Biden

President Biden hosted the day-long United We Stand Summit at the White House to counter the destructive effects of hate-fueled violence. Dr. Suzanne Barakat was selected to receive a "Uniter" award, and was recognized as a UCSF physician. More about the event and awardees can be found here: https://unitedwestand.gov/

"These Americans are working to bring their communities together across lines of racial, religious, political and other differences to prevent acts of hate-fueled violence, promote healing where such violence has had devastating consequences, and build unity. These Uniters are everyday members of our communities and many of these Uniters are themselves survivors of hate-fueled violence who have turned their pain into purpose. They hold our communities together and lift us up in the hardest times."

A takeaway from the Summit is the creation of this federal bipartisan initiative dignity.us, sponsored by the Bush, Obama, Carter, and Ford Presidential Centers, wherein Uniters will take a leading role in shaping priorities and execution of program foci.