Asylum Medicine Training Initiative

The Asylum Medicine Training Initiative is proud to announce a new, online course created by a national collaboration of over 80 experts from 40 institutions and featuring peer-reviewed best practices in asylum medicine. The course is free for health, human rights and legal professionals interested in learning to conduct forensic evaluations for asylum seekers. This training is based on updated international standards and emphasizes trauma-informed care. The content is suitable for healthcare providers at all levels of training.

After completing the first five mandatory modules of this course, participants will be qualified to conduct forensic medical evaluations with prominent asylum medicine organizations, including Physicians for Human Rights.

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Modules include over 10 hours of interactive content and cover the following topics:
Historical-Legal Background
The Trauma-Informed Interview
Forensic Mental Health Evaluation
Forensic Physical Evaluation
Affidavit Writing & Testifying
Pediatric Forensic Medical Evaluations
Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
Traumatic Brain Injury
Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Asylum
Evaluating Asylum Seekers in Detention
Vicarious Trauma and Vicarious Resilience in Forensic Evaluators

Questions? Contact the Asylum Medicine Training Initiative at [email protected].

We hope this online training is helpful to many of you and that you will share it widely.