Human Rights Collaborative

Doctor applying a stethoscope to a patient's chestAs part of the UCSF Health and Human Rights Initiative, the Human Rights Collaborative (HRC) is an organization founded on the ideals of compassion, fairness, and respect for human rights. The mission of the HRC is to provide forensic documentation of the physical and psychological manifestations of torture and ill-treatment experienced by individuals applying for asylum or other forms of humanitarian protection in the United States.

What we do

  • Train clinicians, medical students, residents, and fellows to perform forensic evaluations 
  • Educate health and legal professionals on trauma-informed care for immigrants
  • Refer clients to insurance enrollment, health, and social services 

Our clinic model

The HRC partners with local and national service organizations and law offices to provide forensic evaluations either in-person during one of our monthly clinics, or virtually. The type of evaluation we conduct depends on the expertise of the respective clinician involved and the relative needs of the client. 

At this time, our capacity is approximately five clients per month. We conduct either psychological or physical evaluation, or a combination of the two. Cases are accepted and assigned dates based on a first come, first served principle, as well as with the recognition of urgent upcoming court dates. 

Monthly clinics are held virtually or in person at the UCSF San Francisco Laurel Heights Village Campus and the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital International Clinic in Oakland, CA.

HHRI & HRC's first ever Asylum Provider Training - September 14, 2019


UCSF Pediatric Human Rights Collaborative-East Bay

L-R (top): Zarin Noor, MD; Naomi A. Schapiro, RN, PhD, CPNP-PC; Raul Gutierrez, MD; Martha Rea, LCSW;

Patty Mundera, LCSW; Lisa Fortuna, PsyD; Arthur Lande, MD; Peggy O’Grady, LCSW

L-R (bottom): Lourdes Juarez, CPNP; Arielle Balbus, PsyD