HRC Team


Mai Vu

Adult Clinic Co-Coordinator 2021-Present

Mai Vu is a first-year medical student at UCSF. Mai immigrated to the US with her family from Vietnam and grew up in San Bernardino County. She attended UC San Diego where she volunteered with the San Diego Rapid Response Network and Refugee Shelter. This inspired her to continue her involvement with the refugee community through the UCSF Human Rights Collaborative. She is passionate about immigrant health and very excited to take on the role of the adult clinic coordinator at the HRC.

Sohini Halder

Pediatric Clinic Co-Coordinator 2021-Present

Sohini Halder is a first-year medical student at UCSF. She is the daughter of Bengali immigrants and grew up in Irvine, CA. Sohini identifies as a queer, bisexual, Desi woman and her life experiences have led her to the UCSF Human Rights Collaborative, where she hopes to work with immigrant and LGBTQ populations. Sohini received her Bachelors degree in Human Biology and Society from UCLA. She worked extensively with the LGBTQ student community and has experience in research, outreach, and support services for marginalized communities. 

Leo Garcia Martinez

Pediatric Clinic Co-Coordinator 2021-Present

Leo Garcia (he/him/his) is a first-year medical student at UCSF. He was born in Bogotá, Colombia and raised in Houston, TX. Leo studied Sociology with a Secondary in Chemistry at Harvard University. He draws upon his experience with youth work at the Fort Bend Women’s Shelter in Houston and within the Phillips Brooks House Association as the Programming Chair. His deep commitment to immigration advocacy, a world without borders, and strong belief in healthcare for all draws him to the UCSF Human Rights Collaborative. Other commitments at UCSF include the Anti-Oppressive Curriculum Student Collaborative and Clínica Martín-Baro volunteer. He is honored and excited to take on the inaugural role of pediatric co-clinic coordinator, where he manages the pediatric clinic's operations and handles communications with our legal and community partners.

Cecilia Hurtado

Care Team Co-Coordinator 2021-Present

Cecilia Hurtado is a first-year medical student in the PRIME-US program. She is the daughter of Mexican immigrants and grew up in Ontario, California. Having witnessed firsthand the structural barriers faced by her Latinx and immigrant communities, she is passionate about increasing health equity among and building partnerships with underserved, immigrant, and refugee communities. As a care team coordinator for the adult clinic, she helps manage the follow-up outreach to clients after their evaluations, connecting them with community resources and support in a longitudinal manner. 

Neha Zahid

Care Team Co-Coordinator 2021-Present

Neha Zahid (she/her/hers) is a first year medical student at UCSF. Originally from New Jersey and born to immigrant parents from India, Neha first became interested in immigrant health and global health after visiting her father's village in India and witnessing stark differences between healthcare access in India versus in her hometown in NJ. In her undergraduate and graduate career at UC Berkeley, she explored the intersection of health, medicine and poverty through various research and extracurricular opportunities, particularly focused on women's health. Neha is passionate about structural determinants of health and is excited to bring her public health lens to the role of Care Team Co-Coordinator at the HRC.

Chioma      Onuoha 

Provider Coordinator 2021-Present

Chioma Onuoha is an MS1 at UCSF from Houston, Texas. She graduated from Harvard University in 2020 where she studied Human Evolutionary Biology and Global Health and Health Policy. During her gap year, she worked at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity, where she focused on research projects related into increasing health equity in hypertension care and management for African Immigrant populations. She is also a team member on the Clinical Problem Solvers Anti-Racism in Medicine podcast. She is passionate about global health and health equity and is looking forward to serving on the HRC Student Leadership.


Sean Joyce

Research Coordinator 2021-Present

Sean Joyce is a current first year medical student in the UCSF-UC Berkeley Joint Medical Program. He is originally from Frederick, MD, but since graduating college he has spent the last several years at UCSF as clinical research coordinator. His previous experience in global health research related to international migration, coupled with his time working with incarcerated youth in the Bay Area, drew him to the UCSF Human Rights Collaborative. 

Brandon Chu

Data Analyst 2021-Present

Brandon Chu is a first-year medical student at UCSF. A son of immigrants, he grew up in the Bay Area and studied public health at UC Berkeley, where he received a BA in Public Health and MPH in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. In his previous research, he studied the different aspects of an individual's neighborhood and community that may influence health outcomes, including the built and socioeconomic environment. Brandon is excited to bring his experience to the Human Rights Collaborative as a data analyst.

Sana Alsamman

Elective Co-Coordinator 2021-Present

Sana Alsamman is a first year medical student from Sacramento, California. As a daughter of Syrian immigrants, She became passionate about understanding how the traumatic experience of displacement impacts health and how we can better serve refugee populations. As war and persecution in Syria drove many people out of their homeland after 2011, she found opportunities during my undergrad to partner with community organizations in supporting new families through their resettlement. She is excited to continue advocating for vulnerable populations with the HRC and hopefully in her future practice.

Laksmita Candrisari

Elective Co-Coordinator 2021-Present

Laksmita Candrisari is a first-year medical student at UCSF. After immigrating from Indonesia, she spent the first few years in the United States seeing her family struggle to acquire legal documentation. She remembers clearly the stress and anxiety from that process. Now, she feels passionately for advocating for vulnerable populations and especially for immigrant communities. This passion has led her to the Human Rights Collaborative, where she will be serving as the Elective Co-Coordinator.

Shweta Chawla

Legal Coordinator 2021-Present

Shweta Chawla has experience working with many different communities, having volunteered in shelters, clinics, and on the streets of Los Angeles. She hopes to learn about the ways that healthcare and law can intersect through the privilege of working with individuals in the HRC.