Published on October 22, 2022 by British Journal of Dermatology

Improving Migrant Health in the United States: Opportunities for Dermatologists to 1 Participate in Care Delivery, Asylum Medicine, and Community Partnership 

Penelope Kim-Lim, Herbert Castillo Valladares, Alexia Knapp, Coleen Kivlahan and Aileen Y. Chang 

Published on November 15, 2022 by the Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges 

Academic Health Centers and Humanitarian Crises: One Health System’s Response to Unaccompanied Children at the Border

Devaskar, Sherin U. MD1; Cunningham, Coleen K. MD2; Steinhorn, Robin H. MD3; Haq, Cynthia MD4; Spisso, Johnese RN, MPA5; Dunne, William6; Gutierrez, Juan Raul MD, MPH7; Kivlahan, Coleen MD, MSPH8; Bholat, Michelle MD, MPH9; Barakat, Suzanne MD10; de Leon Siantz, Mary Lou PhD, RN11; Romero, Stephanie MPA12; Lefteris, Chad T.13; Gaffney, Samantha MSHA, MBA14; Deville, Jaime MD15; Lerner, Carlos MD, MPhil16; Liu, Jasen MD17; Kuelbs, Cynthia L. MD18; Kukreja, Sudeep MD19; Golden, Charles MD20; Nelson, Zoanne MBA21; Elton, Kristie MSPT22; Byington, Carrie L. MD23

    Published on November 15, 2022 by the Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges 

    Implementing a Trauma-Informed Approach at a Student-Run Clinic for Individuals Seeking Asylum

    Jaradeh, Katrin1; Sergi, Francesco MPH2; Kivlahan, Coleen MD, MSPH3; Nava Gonzales, Cesar4; Cury, Mar CMHW, CMA5; DeFries, Triveni MD, MPH6

    Published on November 3, 2022 by the Journal of Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and Prevention of Torture

    Asylum seeker trauma in a student-run clinic: reducing barriers to forensic medical evaluations​

    Aaron Gallagher, Gabriela Steiner, Martha Michel, Cesar Nava Gonzales, Sabrina Mendez-Contreras, Alice Lu, Marcos Armendariz, Triveni DeFries, Suzanne Barakat, Coleen Kivlahan

    Published on September 1, 2022 by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 

    32934 Evaluation of a pilot clinical forensic dermatology curriculum at UCSF Department of Dermatology​


    Published on January 31, 2022 by Society for the Study of Addiction 

    Immigration status matters: the intersectional risk of immigration vulnerability and substance use disorder

    Triveni DeFries 1Jacqueline Kelley 2Marlene Martin 1Sarah L Kimball 3 4

    Published on October 27, 2020 by the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics

    Treatment of Migrant Children on the US Southern Border Is Torture

    Charles Oberg, MD, MPH, Coleen Kivlahan, MD, MSPH, MD, Ranit Mishori, MD, MHS, William Martinez, PhD, Juan Raul Gutierrez, MD, Zarin Noor, MD, Jeffrey Goldhagen, MD, MPH